Three Pearls of Wisdom to feel free and happy!

Photo by Faye Cornish

There is a lot to say about how to feel free and happy, how to find this inner peace and joy. If we read some ancient traditions books, some rules seem to be universal.

I read a lot, and I mean a lot. At least one book a week. Most about spirituality, religious and mysticism stuff. Recently, I read one about shaman. It was strange because I made a lot of links with other teachings like Sufism in Islam, but not only.

And one thing that is essential is our level of energy. We don’t talk about the physical energy here, even if it will be directly impacted by it, but about the spiritual energy. Some will call it the energy of the heart, as it’s like the center of our energy. 

When I started to write the series ‘The Message’, I had two things in mind, one the energy, the other the love, because at the end, it’s always a matter of energy in what we could call the energy body, and a question of love. Love for our Self, love for the divine (no matter how you want to name it), love for others, love for all the creation.

Then along the way, I add enthusiasm, joy, and forgiveness, for one reason, it’s all that we want. I mean if we could have more energy, more enthusiasm, more joy, forgive all and more love, in all our day live, no matter what could happen outside. We will feel completely free, happy and everything will make sense as it is. That would be great.

So, ‘The Message’ is a kind of mix of different traditions and teaching, with that in mind. A message in that come from an old shaman call Yani, three pearls of wisdom to be a little bit more free, happier and more enthusiasm.

The first book is coming the first week of April, with the first wisdom: The Energy.

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