Mikaël Cormont is a French writer who lives around Paris. He’s passionate about spirituality, religion, mysticism, ancient traditions, esotericism, personal development and other topics related to these themes.

He writes inspirational short stories, micro-fiction or novellas that talk about this quest for the divine.

His stories open a door to a different perspective, a questioning for some beliefs, and a note of optimism.

As a new writer who wants to improve himself, he participates in a writing workshop twice a month. When he’s not writing, he works on the most beautiful avenue in the world – Les Champs Elysées for a high-tech brand.

He enjoys traveling, meditating, reading and is a member of the Guild of Energist (GoE).

His first series is called “The message”. Through three books, the story unfolds the wisdom beads of Yani, a shaman-sorcerer, to become a free and happy man.

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